Ramsey County is a major employment center that draws its workforce from throughout the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. For residents, the county is home to a variety of career opportunities in high skill and high demand industries with a strong talent pipeline to meet the needs of a vibrant region. For businesses, as the most diverse county in the state, Ramsey County is home to a rich array of cultural and ethnic communities fueling a dynamic and qualified workforce. As a result, businesses that choose to build or expand in Ramsey County reap the benefits of being able to recruit from a qualified and diverse workforce. 

Another benefit offered to Ramsey County businesses is the access to resources provided by Ramsey County Workforce Solutions (WFS). WFS is committed to serving Ramsey County businesses as they grow and thrive through a variety of quality workforce services for businesses. Services include connecting businesses to area job fairs, gaining a presence at one of our career labs, finding a qualified match with job seekers, understanding various workforce incentive programs, and learning more about incumbent worker training opportunities.

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